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Quality virtual support services for private medical practices
It's time to grow your practice

Private medical practices today need to operate like an effective business in order to grow. With the stress from too many administrative tasks, too many hours at work, pressure to market the practice and network for referrals, Affordable Care Act, inability to keep up with research, new competition, and so much more... its easy to understand why.

How we make it happen!

Dr.BPO offers the private medical practice a turnkey service that will assure it runs like an efficient business allowing for greater revenue and growth. With comprehensive professional, yet low-cost, support for both ends of the practice, our clients find they have more time to serve patients, more appointments, more checkouts, increased revenue, improved profitability, lower stress, and better professional relationships.

Enjoy the benefits without the stress!

Our implementation team completely studies your operation and effectively sets up an installation plan. Processes are defined and technologies engaged. Your virtual team is fully trained and certified in assuring a smooth hand-off resulting in a seamless operation. From that point the team is "there" every minute of your operating day to answer the phone, drive and schedule appointments, perform coding and insurance processing, execute billing and accounting, produce meaningful reports, and do “virtually” anything else you need done in your office.

Grow your practice.
Expand your success.
Find time to relax!
With Dr.BPO, it's really easy to get the support you need...
Services are easily integrated into your office workflow
100% up-time guaranteed for total uninterrupted coverage
Support staff uses best practices to assure an excellent  patient experience
Management is always available to assure your total satisfaction
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